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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pet Parade 2010

Silverton Annual Pet Parade

Small towns, you know most the people in the parade
Here's Cousin Kathy
He is almost as big as the livestock
See what I mean..............

Then came the wagons

Guinea pig

Chicken named Daisy. WATCH OUT FOR RUFUS!!

This had a sign that said Pond pets. I think it
was just water

Kinda felt sorry for these beauties

The rabbit was so tiny, and what a good dog.

This was definitely the sweetest participant

Oh the humiliation.......




Got to love the pugs

This big boy was my favorite

Here comes the stars of the parade

Beau and the Chicken Hawk (rufus)

Afterwards I went to the little farmers market down the street from my house.

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Anonymous said...

Cute photos. I love the song you are playing, "Baby Elephant Walk". I can remember watching that movie with my parents when I was a little girl.