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Monday, May 17, 2010

No TV-Days 20,21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 and Doctor Appt. Update

I see the end of my 30 days coming fast. I can't believe how fast it has gone. Well the first few days seemed long. These last few days here in Oregon has been beautiful, so I have been spending all my time outside working in the garden. This week it is suppose to rain off and on all week. So I will get out while I can but will spend most the week catching up on my much neglected house. Here is a little of what went on the last few days. I prepared some of the raised beds for planting. Went to the pet parade. Picked up Heloise's replacement.

Meat, I mean meet Hannah ................

Hannah is much feistier then Heloise was. Harriet has got competition on who will be top of pecking order. Henrietta doesn't stand a chance, the wimp.
I put in a lot of my garden. I am ultimately wanting to plant twice what I normally do and talking to my enabler Aunt Leone, she says I can plant a lot closer, so I will give it a try and we will only need to increase the amount of raised beds a little. I am also planting quite a bit in planters. This year I am going to try to stagger some of my plantings to extend the length so we get fresh produce a little later. I am sure I will be making a lot of mistakes but I can get advice from my farming family and an organic farmer Bill, who I have known since we were six years old said he would advice me on how to garden more organically. So I think I have got my bases covered.

So far I put in 11 tomato plants (6 varieties), 6 cucumbers (4 varieties), 4 egg plants, lots and lots of lettuce, herbs, 2 zucchini, walla walla onions (way too many), 48 impatiens, 48 petunias.

I still have corn, more cukes, more tomatoes, lot and lots of peppers, sunflowers, and pumpkins to put in. And seeds I am just starting for later plantings. Will see how it goes.
Yesterday, I got a great surprise when our friends Michele, Chuck and their son Devon stopped by to visit. They brought 2 new family members over so I could get to know them better.
Meet Otis....................

He is a brown long haired doxie
And this is Otis's brother....................

Simon, a blue doxie.
Are they just adorable and full of energy. Beau did not know what to make of them.
After our visitors left I made Homemade pizza, and brownie sundaes. I also made bread earlieri in the day. I am getting use to making almost everything from scratch, but it does take a lot more planning. I will get the hang of it though.
I went this morning to my oncologist for my quarterly check-up. Great News....No cancer detected. Lots of concerns about the damage from treatments and surgeries though but we will deal with that. The damage is worth it if the cancer stays away.
Have a blessed day.

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Anonymous said...

YAY For good news at the doctor, and I will continue to be praying for all the other stuff that goes along with being cancer free!! :) I always forget that you are friends with Michelle! I love her! and Devon!! I cut his hair, and they were both in last week, so I got to hear all about the puppies, but I didn't get to see them! thanks for putting a face to a name!

Love you!