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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take THAT!! You Oil Men

The week after our house burned down 6 years ago, (our vehicles burned too) we bought a used mini-van. As I was still driving kids and their friends around, it seemed like a smart choice at the time.

Since we bought our second car and LL sold his truck, he has been driving the van to work everyday. About 25 minutes away.

A year and a half ago, we decided to get a new car. One that had a good warranty so my LL would not have to work on it, and one that got great gas mileage. I wanted a hybrid but we couldn't see spending that kind of money and having high car payments. So we bought a Ford Focus. There are no power locks or power windows. Just the basics Ma'am. We love it. It is a great car.
Well we made a decision recently to switch vehicles. LL has to drive to work and the Focus gets much better gas mileage. I don't go anywhere often and when I do, it is mainly within 5 miles. So Take That!! you oil men.
Recently, mainly because of my health, I have been researching chemicals, air, what is happening to the environment, etc. So we are taking further steps to living a more sustainably responsible life. In doing this, I have decided to try to cut my driving even more. This may sound easy but remember, my digestion will make walking iffy sometimes, and Oregon is wet, a lot, so I need to get use to being wet, a lot.
I don't have a picture of me walking, so here is Bailey, Boyfriend, and Beau. The 3 B's.
But instead of walking, because when getting into digestion troubles and not being able to get home fast, I decided my first mode of transportation will be my bicycle. LL put a nice big basket on the back this weekend. I should be able to carry a gallon of milk and a sack of groceries in it. So...........................TAKE THAT!! You oil men.
My goal is 3 out of 4 in town errand trips will be walking or on bike. Saving the 1 out of 4 trip for getting big things like chicken feed. Well, we'll see how I do. BTW, Love this song, Brand New Key.

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