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Friday, May 28, 2010

Push myself-A Day In My Life Part 3

I know. It is technically Friday, but it is still within 24 hrs so I am unexpectedly doing part 3. No I didn't over do it. This is just the way it is sometimes, a lot of the time, o.k. most of the time.

I have been awake since about 1:30. Pain and "digestion" issues. Well I did get a little over 2 hours sleep. But I am a person who needs 6 or 7 hours to function. Grilled onions have been one of the few flavorful things I have been able to digest. But I am thinking I may need to cut those out of my dwindling diet. Well, it is 4:00, and things have improved a little, so I will try for a couple more hours sleep. Thanks for sharing a day in my life with me. It's nice to have company:)

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