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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Push me-A Day In My Life Part 2

So it is a little after 1:00 and I take the bread out and...............................What Happened!! I have used the bread maker at least a dozen times and always turns out beautiful. No really! I am not lying!! But today, when I am blogging about it. Well it is pitiful. Did not rise well at all. Still I take it to Mom's. Sad, just sad.

Along with 10 eggs. She was out of eggs and bread. Must say, when the bread was sliced, it was actually good. Ok, not good, but edible. Put a load of towels in the washer before I leave.
Got to Mom's around 1:30. She lives about 5 miles from me in the next town over. Mt. Angel. I come to drop off bread and eggs but my two brothers are there so I visit for about an hour. I haven't seen my brother Doug for a few weeks so it was a nice visit. Don't get into a single argument with him. Not one. Seriously! I just avoid religion, politics, and anything else important. Somewhat kidding. We get along fine. sort of.
On the way home I stop at the bank and then go to Goodwill. I am needing sundresses. I don't like to wear shorts in the summer, but all my sun dresses are too big because of weight loss over the last 16 months. So I thought before it gets too hot, I better find something to wear.

I found three dresses. Here is one of them. It's the calm one. The other two are "colorful". I love them. My sister Karen will love them. My sister Kris might be embarrassed to be seen with me. Oh well, she loves me.

I get home and decide that the towels I put in the washer before I left might actually dry on the line. So there it goes on up. It is the gamble of an Oregonian. Will it dry before the next rain storm? We shall find out. That's me. Konnie, the dare devil.
Remember the pizza dough I started in the morning. Well it has only a little yeast so by this time. Around 3:45, it has risen perfect. So I punch it down. The hand print on it is Bailey's. Seriously, the girl has to have her hand in everything. Got to love her.

Cut it in half. Spread in pans, and brush evoo on dough. OH NO, not enough Parmesan cheese for the sauce. Well my bones feel fine. My "digestion" is holding up, so I get on my bike and go to Safeway for a few items. Get back by 4:30. Make my "Gourmet Pizza Sauce", spread it and put the two different toppings. LL's and B's boyfriend's is regular mozzarella, pepperoni, and B. and my pizza is fresh mozzarella, basil, and on my side, grilled onions.

Baked for 15 minutes at 500 degrees and presto!! Yummy.

WHAT HAPPENED!! It was cleaned like by 9:00 this morning. Doesn't it suppose to stay cleaned all day? Man, the downside of cooking.

So by around6:00, I start doing dishes. NO HOT WATER. I tell LL. He checks it out and a breaker shut itself off. He turns it back on but will take awhile to heat up. So I do what I can :)

I decide to take time to make LL's lunch bento. I haven't felt up to it in the mornings, so I did a simple one tonight with left over pizza, and lettuce from my balcony.

I used my new flower cutters, butterfly punch and make tomato lady bugs.

On one of my blogs I read every day, it was suggested to precut nori for the bentos. I am not sure it it was Kuusou's or someone else, but I decided to take the time and precut circles, butterflies, apples, musical notes, and bunnies. I cut strips out too.

My kitchen compost is full so I take it outside.

Pour it into the first of the three compost bins. Decide there is too much green (nitrogen) but am out of leaves and branches. sooo........

I go inside and get my shredded paper. First I put a layer in the chickens nests. Then pour the rest over the kitchen scraps.

And stir. Yummo. I know it looks disgusting but think how good this compost will be for my garden soil. I am not filling the land fill with this stuff also.

While doing all this, LL is working on cleaning the garage. Yeah baby!! Nothing like hubby working on my Honey do list.

By this time it is around 7:00. The towels are dry. I can not believe it. I have been thinking Noah will be sailing by my balcony soon to pick me up. It has been that bad.

Go get the dinner and bento scraps and feed it to the ladies and put them in the small pen.

I can not believe we made it through the day without rain. Weathermen were wrong. First dry day in I do not know how long.

Beau seems amazed himself.

A little blurry but LL does good work.
I decide I am done for the day. Did well for my first day back to my "regular life". So I soak these sore bones.

And then take a bath. I know. How can I do that with not hot water. Well you just don't know everything. We have two hot water heaters. One for just the big bathroom. I also take the time to shave. (like it or not, I am going to do a whole post about shaving. Yes! I must.)
Put Jammies on and crocks. No I couldn't find two alike, but I think this might be a new trend..............No?

Go back out to see if Hannah gives me an egg today. No she doesn't. I don't blame her. All day from early morning to well after 8:00pm, a new restaurant has been promoting their business by giving rides in helicopter for $20.00. So every 10 minutes, we have had this roaring sound go right above our house. We are talking for 12 hours. Hannah, who is use to the country has not handled it well. The funny part is, our house is in the path for Life Flight to get to Silverton hospital a block away. I always say a prayer when I hear life flight up above my home. This morning it took me 4 prayers before I realized something else was going on. I mean 4 prayers in less than an hour. I am slow.

Rufus, AKA Chicken Hawk, keeps looking out for the next run of the helicopter.
I start downloading pictures and writing this post about 8:30. Takes me a couple hours. I am slow at everything these days. So now it is 11:00 and time for bed. Thanks for your patience. I am so happy to have more active of a day. Hopefully I can continue tomorrow.
Take care all,

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