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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Push myself-A day in my life Part 1

If there is one thing I have learned from blogging over the last few months, it is that my life dictates what my blog is on most days, but once in a while I let my blog dictate my life. I know, but I will explain. Over the last few days I have not been well. For many health reasons I have been doing very little. Yesterday was the worst, with me staying in bed almost all the day. Today I feel a bit better. I learned during chemo, that sometimes you need to push yourself because using energy sometimes gives you more energy. So today, although I don't want to over do it, I definitely want to get back to my life. One thing to help with that is to blog about my day. I have done it couple times and will do it again. So the blog itself pushes me to do more. So here is my day. Part one

This is how I have looked for the last few days. No that isn't the grandpa from the Munsters. It is I, Konnie without my makeup, still in my jammies. I have been awake for almost 2 hours at this point but am now just getting these bones movin.

When I am having certain health issues, I am not able to style my hair or put on makeup. So for today it is just some hair gel, and mascara. But a bit of an improvement.
We have had rain almost non-stop for over a week now, maybe closer to two weeks. Oregon is known for it's rain, but this has been a lot for even us for the month of May. So I look out my front balcony and decide if I am going to get anything done outside, it will have to be this morning.
Poor things. It is almost 8:00am and I just am getting outside to let them out to the larger pen.
I give them scratch in the morning. I would like to say I have them trained. But it's them that has me trained when and what to give them.
Yum, I usually have to watch for a minute to make sure Hannah and Harriet are letting Henrietta eat. She really is a wimp. But she is my favorite.
I decide I better take a look around to see what damage the rain has done to my garden. The potted plants look good, so does the lettuce and tomatos, but my cucumbers are a loss. I will plant new ones after this blasted rain is over.

I go back in and see that a tornado hit my kitchen. I need to bake a couple things today but I am one of those people that can't bake or cook until the kitchen is clean. So I decide to clean the disaster zone.

There, much better. By this time it is after 9:00. I know, I am moving slow.

I take a look at leftovers that will spoil in the fridge. Pile them up in a pan, and take it to the ladies.

And yes I wait there until they let Henrietta eat. She really needs to find some self esteem.

Go back in and throw ingredients together for bread. LL mentioned we were getting low.

By the way, I forgot to blog about the great find I found at a garage sale a couple weeks ago. This breadmaker cost me $10.00. It is like brand new.

I decide to make homemade pizza for dinner tonight and mix up the dough.

It's 10:15 now and still not raining yet, so I decide to look through my library books to see what I am returning. I get on my bike and ride to the library. Boy, I feel each and every peddle on my joints but I made it. Took about half an hour there and rode back home.

Decided not to pretty up my day at all for you so.............Here is inside the nests. I usually clean the nest every day but haven't done it for 3 or 4. So I grab the eggs,

Take them inside and wash them. Henrietta and Harriet's eggs. Hannah is taking a while today. Yes I know which eggs come from which hen. Anyone who only has three hens will understand this:)
I go back out and decide to clean the nests out. I then go into the green house to see that some !@#$% mouse keeps eating some of my seeds and starters. LL put traps out but haven't caught the s.o.#. I am all for leaving Gods creatures alone but not when they are in my house or my green house. War has been declared.
Now at 12:00 I spend about an hour writing this and posting it. Got more to do. Stay Tuned.

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Kuusou said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. I can't believe all that you were able to get done by noon - please be sure to give you body a rest!

Hope you feel even better tomorrow. :)