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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So What Kind Of Blog Is It? STILL I WRITE

I started this blog in February. When I started writing, I was a little intimidated because lets face it, a writer I am not. My sentence structure is atrocious, my spelling not much better, and lets not even go into punctuations. When the heck am I suppose to use the comma. I must of been in a coma during my English class. But still I write.

When I started, I was a little afraid to tell anyone about this blog. I did tell some and was laughed at a little. One of the things I heard was, "Oh look, she put pictures of food on her blog, she thinks she's Julie from the movie Julie/Julia." And still I write.

I have become bolder in my writing, and more confident in opening myself up to being made fun of. I will not grow as a person if fear of looking silly keeps me from exploring and sharing. So Still I write.

I have just a handful of followers but have had many who are not listed tell me they read this blog most every day. This has given me the confidence to tell others about my blog. Usually the first thing they ask is "What kind of blog is it?" I tell them it is just about how I spend my day being mostly home bound, my thoughts, my hobbies, my chores, etc. They usually get a look on their face like "that's doesn't sound interesting". But I always give them the blog address and still I write.

So I thought I would blog today about what kind of blog this is and why I write it.

This blog is not a promotion of my hometown.

Although I love this quirky little town.

This blog is definitely not a home decor blog. I love reading some everyday. If you look to the right, down where you see "my blog list" you will find several great sites.
But even though I have a nice home, no one will accuse me of decorating it well. Unfortunately.
This blog is not about gardening, urban homesteading, or keeping chickens. I love reading blogs about these things and learn a lot from them all, but I am just learning how to make the most of my property, and even though living sustainably is important to me. Blogging each and every day about it would become tiresome for me.
As before, check out blog list. Some great Urban farms, and chicken farms on the list.
This is not a bento blog, even though I am a big fan of those blogs.
I am not artistic, and have a lot to learn. But I do enjoy taking pictures of LL's lunch from time to time and writing about it.
This is not a cooking blog, or a food blog of any kind. I like to cook and bake. But I am not very good at it. I love to eat and try new things but since my health doesn't allow this, it would be silly to even try to write a food blog.
I do write about cooking, bentos, home decor, becoming more environmentally responsible, and my town. I also write about my faith, family, feelings, and fears. This blog is about living every day to the best of my ability, and discovering who I am and who God wants me to be. Quirkiness and all.
Why? I could live my life and find who God wants me to be without blogging every day and risking looking stupid, or silly. I could. But I am not a journal writer, I don't know how much time I have on this earth. Hopefully many, many years. But the reality is my life may be over sooner than I had hoped. It might be for any of us. For me it is just more of a reality. With that said, and with my thanks to each and every one of you that reads this little blog, I want to really answer why I write this blog. I want my three children, now that they are grown, not to know just me their mom, but also me, Konnie the woman. Flaws and all. I hope someday they will have great stories to tell my grandchildren. So this blog is for Kane, Max and Bailey.

So Still I write:)


Anonymous said...

You're a lovely writer! all the best and many healthy blessings to you.

Warmest wishes
Helen (in Malmoe Sweden)

Kuusou said...

Good for you writing what you like! It's a great treasure to have your thoughts and feelings in writing for your family. :)

Country Girl in the City said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog this morning, I answered your yogurt question.

I love what you wrote here and it describes me quite well too. I'm not a writer and I could really feel it when I was trying to write a book review for my blog!!! But I've been interested in blogging for at least a year now and thought, "Why not?" I also like it because I am not journal writer, but it's nice to have something recorded, and this seems to be working for me.

Have a lovely day.

KJ's Restart Button said...

Sorry I did not respond to the first 2 comments yesterday. I was pretty ill but am a bit better today. Helen, I would love to know if you have a blog, more info. Thankyou for stopping by.
Kuusou, Waffle boys bento is great this morning and I will check back to see if you answered my question.
Country Girl, thanks for answering my question so fast. I will head over there now to see what you said.
Thanks All.

Renee said...

People laughed at you??? That's just rude!

OK, so I can't criticize not having a theme for obvious reasons. But it's more important to be interesting and fun to read than to have a theme. There are a million "mommy blogs" out there. Some are actually clever, cute and fun to read. Most are ... well, I won't go there because I don't want to make people angry. I'll just say, I prefer the randomness (throwing that word back at you!) of your blog to the endless posts about diaper changes and sick kids and ...

As for the writing, well, yes, it's in need of a little editing. But I'm OCD about that stuff, since I do it for a living and all. The editing issue aside, you actually write quite well. You write WAY better than people I've known who call themselves "writers" and try to get books published that should never have been written because, well, they're assaults on the English language and an insult to anyone who has even a little bit of talent. So don't be so hard on yourself about that.

And I, for one, love keeping up with what's happening with you. I went way too long wondering if you were even still alive. I'm so happy to have this connection to your life.

KJ's Restart Button said...

Thanks Renee, I too am glad to be able to talk with you. I was wondering if my lack of grammar, grammer, grammar??? skills were driving you nuts, but I assume you painfully make your way through my blog and restrain yourself from correcting my writing. Thanks, much appreciated, apreciated?? I am hopeless:)