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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here comes the pain again

When putting on an outside party in Oregon, you must take full advantage of the weather. Since the prediction was clear Monday and Tuesday. Rain Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we knew a lot needed to get done by Wednesday. Over the weekend, I did replant cucumbers because the first ones were destroyed by downpours of rain.

I finally put in my peppers.
On Monday, I wanted to get some household chores out of the way before I went out and helped LL. So I baked bread, made pizza dough and sauce in prep. for dinner.
While doing this, LL was finish the pool cleaning so he could spot paint in the afternoon.

I also did three loads of laundry.
Made and ate lunch, and then it started................................................
Horrible sharp cramping that comes so fast and hard it takes your breath away. Swelling in the abdomen and inflamed intestines I can only describe as if someone took a Brillo pad to your bowels. I have an obstruction:(
That night I was up in pain and vomiting. LL wanted to take me to the hospital but I know the routine from there on. Admit me, do lots of tests, and decide to do surgery. My youngest child is graduating on Thursday. I will not miss it. So I have been waiting it out.
It has improved but I can tell still partially blocked. I have started taking percocet and hope to ride this one through. The party is on Sunday. Sunny and 88 degrees is the prediction. We lucked out. I e-mail my Doctor this morning. He will not be happy with me. My feeling is that I and especially my daughter have sacrificed so much over the last year and a half. Her graduation is the one and only thing on my mind for a year. Meaning I wanted to be alive and well enough to be there. So I am taking the chance my body will heal enough to be there Thursday night and put on a party Sunday. After that I will probably be in the hospital having surgery. Or if I am lucky, the doctor will figure something else out. Thanks for letting me unload.

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dreamer said...

I hope you get to achieve your dreams for your daughter's graduation and party.and avoid more surgery, sending you positive healing thoughts and prayers from the UK.