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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Picnic Part 1

Every year, as long as I can remember, my family on my mother's side gets together in July for a picnic. When I was small, we had it at a large park in Woodburn. The best part was that the city pool was located at this park. As farm kids, going swimming was an occasion that we looked forward to.

At some point we started having the picnic in Mt. Angel. Still a good time but no pool. Now we have the picnic at my brother David's house. He has a beautiful yard and a nice pool. So it is fun seeing the children all coming into the yard with their swimming towel in hand, ready for a good time.

This year is a little different. My mother turns 80 yrs old in September. We decided to celebrate her birthday at the picnic so that many of her nieces and nephews, cousins and siblings can take part and wish her a happy birthday. My brothers and sisters and I are planning to celebrate her actual birthday with a weekend getaway.

So for part one post of the family picnic, I wanted to show a little of the birthday portion of the day.

Kris, as usual, doing more than her fair share of the set up.
We don't normally have balloons and flowers on the table for the picnic. This was special for her birthday.

Addie, my great niece, helped Uncle Steve with the balloons. What a brave Uncle he is.

Here is my nephew Brendon. He helped get the yard in shape. He is also Addie's Dad and my brother David's boy. (Rumor has it he is also the Blondie Shutter Fly's brother)
This is when my mother found out about the birthday celebration. SURPRISE!!!

Addie's taking a good look at Great Grandma's picture board.

Karen, Aunt Leone, (my enabler) LL, Mom and Brendon all take a look.

Besides all the yummy homemade desserts, my Aunt Linda brought a birthday cake.

Here's the Birthday Girl and her cake.

Mom opening gifts and her sister Linda looking on.

Here is a closer look at her picture board.

I will post more about the picnic. The people and the food. I think my mom had a good time and was a little surprised. I know I had a good time and was glad the day was a little special for my mom.

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Kuusou said...

What a fun surprise for your mum! She looks really good. :)