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Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Picnic Part 2


Pot lucks for "normal" get togethers means you usually bring a dish to feed a lot of people and call it good. Not my family. We were all raised by woman who brought a main dish, salad and dessert. You might even bring an extra dessert if your trying something new. My Aunts and mother still does this, and now so do we, my siblings and cousins. My Aunt was at the picnic early, so I took a picture of SOME of what she brought

Deep fried gizzards. Yes, gizzards. Not healthy, but delicious.

Carmel corn. Enough for an army.
Aunt Leone's home made berry wines. Logan, raspberry, blackcap, rhubarb,.........Don't mistakenly think this is a nice light dessert wine, A couple glasses of this wine and you will "THINK" you are the life of the party.
LL's Fresh salsa.

Main dish foods. Not a lot of casseroles this year. Mainly meats. Chicken, meatballs, ham, Uncle Leo's sausage. There was enchiladas and a couple other dishes.

Lots of salads. I love pasta salads. So I was in heaven. My mom's potato salad, fruits, deviled eggs, so on and so on.

We are a family who loves desserts but something went wrong this year.........not a single pie. Such a tragedy. My mom and aunts make great desserts, and my cousins the Hess girls never disappoint when it comes to sweet desserts.

This is a new dessert my cousin Maurita made. Cake balls. Chocolate with coconut, and Lemon. She said it takes about three days to make. She started them on Wednesday. Must say, I had 2.

I am so glad I am doing so much better after my last surgery. I can eat almost anything, even high fiber. I ate whatever I wanted at the picnic. I know food shouldn't be so important, but when it comes to this family, it is part of our traditions and heritage.
Next posts will me more about the family.

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