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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Picnic Part 3

Generation One

Coming from a big family can make things interesting. Trying to find pictures from the picnic to separate by generations is impossible. Not only do we all visit each other, no matter the age, being from a big family, I think the Catholic factor, generations blend into each other. My mom was the second to the oldest (we lost Aunt Elaine this year), her youngest sister Linda is almost two decades younger than her. Linda is about the same age as Elaine's oldest child. It gets even more mingled as you go down the generations. But trying to post by generation just made more sense to me. So I will give it my best.

Mom (Evelyn) and Linda............Sisters. Linda is married to Dave (unfortunately did not get picture of). She recently had back surgery and is getting around really well. In a lot of ways Linda is more like a sister to my sisters and me, than an aunt.
Rita, Frank, Kathy, Bob, and Evelyn.......Cousins

Evelyn and her brother Leo. This is my uncle with the berry farm and also raises the beef I eat and makes his own sausage. Leo has the most kids. Let me try to name them. Robert, Mary, Maureen, Steven, Michael, John, Annie, and Teresa. Robert is a little younger than me and Teresa is the same age as my son Kane.

Aunt Leone and Aunt Agnes. Leone is aka my enabler. She is my chicken and garden plants supplier. Aunt Agnes was a hair dresser for years. She grows the most incredible garden. Cans the best sweet pickles. She is also the mother of Jean who was the cousin closest to my age. So most my childhood family memories involved Agnes, Uncle Pep and Jean.
Leo, Agnes, and Laura, with my brother David behind them. Laura lives in Central Oregon. She was a school teacher. I can always rely on Aunt Laura to bring books to share. She also, like me, loves to garage sale and thrift stores. If I really need something, I can rely on her to try to find it.

Between Leo and Linda is my Uncle Frank. He is married to Laura. He is very involved with the K of C. Not KFC. The Knights of Columbus.

Aunt Geri is in the dress with the blue shirt. She is Leo's wife and mother of all those kids I named before. She also was a music teacher and violinist.
Last year Generation One would have consisted of one person. My Great-Aunt Monica. She is still alive but did not make it to the picnic this year.
The risk of posting these pictures is that you are always missing some people. For that I apologise. Still, it is fun to see siblings of this generation get along so well and be such a big part of each others lives.

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