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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Picnic Part 4

Generation 2

The Baby boomers...........well, sort of. I am about the middle of this generation by age, and I am at the end of the baby boomer era. I was born in 1963.

GRRR!!! I am very disappointed in myself. I know I am not a photographer, but I missed taking so many pictures of people. Only about half my cousins attended the picnic and I only got pictures of about half of those who attended. Next time we get together I will take pictures before I start visiting with everyone. I got sidetracked.

My cousin Maurita is in the green with her back to camera. She and I have a unique bond. When I was about 5 yrs old, we were rushed to the emergency room together. While playing a game (Ghosty Ghosty) Maurita was carrying me. We went through a sliding glass door. This was before they started making the safety glass. We both still have the scars from that evening.

Maurita's sister Marlene is in the middle with the flowered dress I wanted to steal from her. I was so happy to see Marlene's family come to the picnic this year. They are usually so busy between farming and sports. I missed getting pictures of their two other sisters, Maureen and Julie, and their brother Jim. GRRR...........

My sister Karen. Over the last year and a half, Karen has lost around 150 lbs. I have been wanting to do a whole post about this and hopefully will do that soon.

My cousins Diane and Valerie. Valerie's daughter Brenda got married just two days before so it was nice to see her at the picnic. Diane and I had a nice visit. Both of them have been through a lot over that last year or so. They lost their beloved sister Shelly, Shelly's husband Denny, and their mother Elaine.

This is my cousin Michael's wife April. She is mom to the youngest person at the picnic. I will show his picture tomorrow.

On the left is Jill, Agnes's daughter and Jean unfortunately is only seen with the back of her head. Again GRRR...........

My cousin Jim's wife Bonnie.

Bud and Birdie.

I can not believe some people. How rude not to take posing for pictures seriously!

Gus and Gertie
Well OK! LL and I apparently can't take it seriously either. Oh boy, you can see up my nose.

Steve and Kris

O.k. that is a lot better

Cole (LL-Love of my Life) and me

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Leanne said...

looks like a fun time - soo nice to see sun beams too.

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