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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Picnic Part 5 and Last

Generation 3 and 4

As I have said. Separating by generation is near impossible so this is a combined post. The first two pictures are both from Generation 3. You will see the age difference

My oldest niece Katie. She has two boys, Gaij and Sam. Isn't she old:)

This is Zachary. His parents are Michael and April. Isn't he young:)

Max and Brendon along with some other people I don't know. OK....... balloon man in back, Steve. Hubby, Cole and my enabler Aunt Leone.

I am not sure why I can't get the front of people when they are in groups. I so need a photography class. These are my cousin's Jean and Jills kids. At least I think it is. Need to start getting the front of people.

Joseph with his grandma Geri

You might remember Kelli from a previous post getter her hair done. She looks a little better in this picture.

My great nephew Samson.

Samson's dad helping the girls out.


Just had to put this picture in. A basset hound, weiner dog and chihuahua walk into a bar......................Seriously, can you find three funnier looking dogs anywhere. They look like a comic merry-go-round.

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angela said...

thank you for your visit, Leanne is my best friend and we have gone through alot together.
Your family looks like they are having a ball you are very blessed.
thanks once again