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Friday, July 16, 2010

Still No Answer

Pulled out washer and dryer, desk and anything else that could move. LL looked in basement and attic. No luck. So it looks like the worse scenario..........inside the wall.

Almost a tragedy. I as airing out the house. Doors open. Hear barking that sounds a lot like Beau. Look out front. Cars going both ways are stopped in front of my house. My heart sank. I ran (well waddled at this point) outside. Beau (he's a genius) is on the side walk barking at Rufus aka Chicken Hawk is in middle of road with cars surrounding him. He is not hurt but looking scared and confused.(he's not a genius). My phone was ringing while I was getting them inside. Our neighbor calling to ask if Rufus is out in the road. "Yes, that would be Rufus". I still wonder why, if this is Max's dog, am I having to constantly be dealing with him. Then I remember. Max brings him over during the day because................should I trust you with their secret?...............Rufus and Beau are a couple. I'm not kidding. They are gay. LL says "Beau is gay, Rufus is just confused". LL is in denial.

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