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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Honey, Your Guess is as Good as Mine

I know he never reads my blog during the day, but just in case he does log on, I am warning him to bring a gas mask home.

Before B. went to work this morning, she brought to my attention an bad odor coming from the laundry room. Well it smelled like wet neglected towels, so I threw them in the wash and went on with my day. Which meant go to Mt. Angel to my mom's for a couple hours. Came home and walked into the house. Oh my lucky stars, something has died in here. I decided to wash the towels again just in case, drag the garbage out into the garage, (I am not suppose to lift), I try to look under the desk and behind the washer and dryer. Can't do it. So Honey, bring home a mask and be prepared to go odor hunting.

I can not be the only one this happens to. If I am, then never mind. Pretend you never read this post. Hope no one comes over for a visit. Now I am just rambling:)

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