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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Walkabout

What a beautiful morning here in Oregon. High today around 86 degrees. LL has been doing a pretty good job maintaining the plants. Poor man. I get these ideas of planting more and more because I was feeling so good a couple months ago, and now he has to water and take care of most of it because I am not physically able.

Just took a walkabout around the yard. Not sure what is going on with the zucchini leaves but there is a couple zucchini's that are about ready to pick:)

All but a couple of tomato plants look good. We planted more than usual so the couple of plants that are not doing so hot is not a big deal. The ones not doing well were potted ones so I think it was a soil issue.

My basil is doing great. Good thing because I LOVE basil. My walla walla onions are looking good also. I have quite a few weeds that need to be dealt with. ((("OH Bailey"))). She has been working a lot this week but hopefully Saturday I can get her to pull weeds.
The ornamentals are doing great. With the exception of the inpatients by the driveway, all else looks good. Glad we planted less flowers this year.
**Heads up**
I am having a wound issue. I might have an infection. If so, I don't think I would be admitted to the hospital again but might need a surgical procedure as an outpatient. I go to the doctor tomorrow. I hope it is not a big deal because the annual family picnic is Sunday and I don't want to miss it.
If I do end up in hospital, I will have LL post it here. But most likely I will post a nice long post about picnic, (the people and of course the food) on Sunday evening.

I will most likely write a couple more post before I even go to doctor but just wanted to give you a heads up.
Have a great day. I feel like taking a lot more pictures today so expect a random post next:)

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