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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Losing Insight or Gaining Wisdom

For years I have thought I had a good insight on personalities and characters. When we were younger, LL and I would meet someone new, I might detect something in someone that would make me Leery of them. I would usually only say something to LL because I didn't want to be prejudging someone unfairly. I almost always was right on the money. Or so it seemed.

Whether I had a "gift" before or not, I certainly don't have it now. I was somewhat proud that I "saw through" a lot of George Bush's folksy personality way before he became President. But boy was I wrong about John Edwards. I knew Tom Cruise was arrogant and "nutty" way before he criticized Brook Shields postpartum depression, Matt being so "glib" on the Today Show, and jumping up and down on Oprah's sofa. But it took forever for me to accept what a truly unhinged and unlikable character Mel Gibson is. And the local story. The missing boy Kyron Horman. He went missing about 30 or 40 miles from where I live. It has become a national story. Almost the minute he went missing locals were saying his step-mom had to have something to do with his disappearance. I thought it was wrong for people jumping to conclusion so fast. Again, I was the one obviously wrong.
I didn't set out making this post about Kyron, and so much is still unknown about his disappearance. Who knows how much his step-mom is involved but it doesn't look good:( This is a sweet innocent child that needs to be brought home to his parents.

Over the last few years and especially lately, I have become pretty easy going. Most things don't upset me, and I am slower to judge anyone on anything. So this makes me wonder, have I lost my "insight", or did I never have it and have finally gained the wisdom to identify that fact.

I have a very calm and peaceful heart now and would not want that "insight" if it meant turmoil in my heart. But maybe what was once "insight" in my mind, was really arrogance. Living with intention really requires getting to know myself. Warts and all. A goal of mine is to accept my talents and celebrate them, but also accept my faults and admit them. I think that is where real peace comes from. Truly accepting myself and recognising that others may have attributes I do not like, but that does not make them unlikable. We are all complex imperfect people. And boy, I am not an exception.

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