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Monday, July 12, 2010

An Outdoor Weekend

You might already know this about me, I love the outdoors. I would rather be fishing and gardening than cleaning and decorating inside the house. I have not been well enough to fish or garden, so I have been getting cabin fever. I feel very blessed and loved by God today because this weekend I had plenty of outdoor time.

Friday morning my mom and Bailey took me shopping. (I can't drive yet). I bought a new dress, shoes and sweater for the weekend. I actually felt presentable. Friday night, my "digestion" a little iffy, I took the chance and went to a wedding. It took place outside in the country with fields as a backdrop. It was beautiful. I did not take pictures. Enjoying visiting with people too much to think about pix. Saturday, the weather still beautiful, I walked to the farmers market and LL met me there and we walked downtown and sat on a bench to people watch. One of our favorite past time. Went home and helped with a few chores. I found this beauty.

The most perfect little tomato I have ever seen. My sungold have been ripe, but my other little tomatos are now just ripening. Note to self.....Ask Aunt Leone the name of this tomato, I lost the tag. I rested the rest of afternoon, got gussied up again and went to another wedding. Again, beautiful. Both brides at the weddings were beautiful and this second wedding took place at the parents of the bride's home. They are our friends and knowing them, LL and I knew the setting would be gorgeous for the wedding. We were not disappointed. Again, LL and I visited with old friends and my "digestion" held up.........barely. Got home just in time. But oh what a wonderful time we had. LL said it was nice sitting and just being one of the couples without "cancer" being mentioned or a factor in our evening. He is right, and I feel bad that my health does seem to take center stage when we go places. Not sure how to change that. But if I could, he wouldn't have another moment of worry.

Sunday, LL grilled dinner for all three kids and me. I can't remember the last time we all sat for dinner together. Then LL and I went for a car ride up into the Cascade mountains to camping spot and Lake we have heard a lot about. "Digestion" did not cooperate but enough about that. Here are some pictures I took.

This is Rhodie Lake

LL and I both grew up only 20 or 30 miles from here but this is the first time we have been here. It is VERY remote and definitely in what you would call the Oregon wilderness.

This is why they call it Rhodie lake. Wild Rhodies all around the lake. I grew up on a nursery that raised Rhodies so I have a love for the plants. Wild ones are amazing in their own way.
Usually you see lily pads put in waters for decor. The patches of lily pads on this lake are natural and gorgeous. What lucky people us Oregonians are. The beach, valleys, desert, and mountains all within a short car ride.
So I thank God for helping me be well enough to attend both weddings, and even though I had "issues" I enjoyed Rhodie lake. Maybe in another 3 or 4 weeks I will be well enough to go fishing before summer is gone. I am sore this morning from the rough car ride up in the mountains but I do feel I am getting stronger everyday and look forward to being more active this week. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend.

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Leanne said...

sounds beaut! Love the tom too