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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summertime is here

I love the song Summer by War. It is slow, unhurried, lazy and about nothing important. I think that also describes the perfect summer day. Summer has finally come to the Willamette Valley. Today the temperature will be close to 100 degrees. So Bailey picked up the house early. I put a couple of wash loads on the line. Picked some lettuce leaves from garden before they wilted. And Bailey took me to work with her so I could get my hair done next door at the salon.
I am very blessed with a couple of sisters who are great Hairdressers. I forgot to have Bailey take a before picture before we left so I take one of myself in the car. Summer hairstyles I think should be cool and easy. I have been feeling like a shaggy dog over the last couple weeks so I have it in my mind what I want done.
Boy what a sad sight.
Today is my sister Kris's day off. So what does she do on a hot summer day off.........? She comes into the salon and does her daughter Kelli and my hair. Yes we are spoiled and know it.
A nice Aunt would take a picture of Kelli after. But I can't have her looking better than me. No Sirry.
Ta Da!!
A nice sporty summer style.

My hands are suppose to be covering the fact that I am braless and hanging low:) Well come on. I have had three children but am a closet nudist. (Can you call yourself a nudist if you don't come out of the closet?)
And like everyone should do on a hot summer day. Go out to lunch with Sis and Niece. Fondue and Ice tea. Yum.
Kris drove me home. Helped me get eggs. (remember, I am suppose to be taking it easy) and I let the dogs out.

They didn't waste time coming back in and resuming their favorite summer position.

Is that the meaning of Dog days of summer? I alway's wondered.
Well I, like my dogs will be spending the rest of the afternoon sitting and perhaps napping. Dinner will be left over chinese. I think I like this summertime way of life. Slow and lazy. I didn't really choose to have to recover from another surgery for the summer but I guess I will enjoy it while I can.


Lisa Miller said...

I LOVE the hair!! SO cute! :)

dreamer said...

A bright new blog layout, lovely hair cut, and a great positive summer post :) , enjoy your summer time and take care of yourself whilst you recover.

Vintage Sassy said...

Cute new do!!