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Monday, July 5, 2010

Blondie Shutter Fly


Once you know of its existence, it could show up any time or any place in your life, as long as you have a camera in your hand.
You know how moths are attracted to light. Well the Blondie Shutter Fly is attracted to whatever a camera is focused on. The horrible fall out reminds me of the slime that's left from a slug. It is that all your pictures will have the Blondie shutter fly in them. Some of the subjects are not even aware of its existence.
Look at my sister Karen here. Poor naive thing doesn't even know the shutter fly is sneaking up behind her.

Look at my brother Dave. You can tell he is trying to make the best of it. Since he is 50% responsible for the creation of this particular Blondie Shutter Fly.
Again, a closely related species to the shutter fly, my niece Nicole. She just got back from a mission in Africa. We were so proud of her, but rumor has it, the Blondie shutter fly came attached to her. So she is somewhat responsible of its infestation of my barbecue.
A friend Jeanette should know better. Do not cozy up to this pest. It might never leave.

I meant to tell Mom and Kris to run. or at least don't act like your picture is being taken. It will always show up at the last second.

Look! Look! It is actually trying to do away with its competition for camera focus. My poor Baily is being strangled. I don't know how Bailey got out of the shutter fly's grasp, but thank goodness she escaped.

Does the fly have no shame. Bailey's boyfriend had never even heard of this pest until it swooped in and sat on his lap. I think his face is still red. Poor Rett!

Max just goes with the flow. You can tell by his smirk that he is not fooled by this pest.
Yes, I hate to say the cooks even had to deal with it. LL and my Brother-in-Law Steve, minding their own business. It does look like LL is about ready to swat the shutter fly away with the spatula.

We thought Jenny was safe in water. I mean who ever heard of a shutter fly getting close to water. This was a particularly resilient specimen.

Jenny's sister Heather had to put up with the pest the most. Heather was the main Photographer. We now call her Saint Heather.

Now this is just too much. It is one thing bothering all my family and friends. It is quite another think tormenting my sweet Beau. Really Blondie Shutter Fly, what did the little doggie ever do to you.

I heard if you act like the Blondie Shutter Fly is the life of the party and really wanted, it will eventually get bored and fly off to spread it's "joy" somewhere else. And that's just what it did. For those who know me in real life, this pest might look like my niece Brittney. Don't be fooled. But isn't she cute?

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