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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Review-Eat, Pray, Love

I wrote this book review a few days ago for a Co-0p blog I belong to. I also wrote a review for the movie. I will post that tomorrow.

At least 3 years ago, maybe 4, I walked into a bookstore and saw a display of a new book just released called Eat, Pray, Love. I hadn't heard anything about this book. To be honest, what caught my eye was the cover of the book. Any book that has the word eat on it and has it written in pasta, is my kind of book:) So I bought it.
I read this book right away. I am going by memory, because I have long lost track of the book. I found the opening of the book uncomfortable. Elizabeth is basically having a nervous breakdown. I remember being uncomfortable because I clearly was not happy with my life at the time mostly because Max was so ill with an additional disorder, and almost felt jealous that this woman had the luxury of falling apart. Being a mother of three, and with one with special needs, I felt like falling apart on a daily basis, but always if not barely kept it together. As I read on, I found myself loving the eat portion of the book. I could imagine myself tasting the best that Italy had to offer. I remember learning a lot about eastern religion and meditation from the pray portion of the book. I am a Christian but have a definite unconventional slant on spirituality, so any tool I can learn to quiet my heart and mind is a good thing to me. The love part of the book was good but I think at the time I read this section, life was overwhelming and not much soaked in or was memorable.
After I read the book, I loaned it out a couple of times and then lost track of the book. Oprah got tuned into the book and found it fascinating and life changing. I remember at the time thinking, well the book is really good, but life changing it wasn't for me. Now it is a movie. Here in the States it opened last Friday. I am hoping to see it tomorrow afternoon, if my "digestive issues" allow me to go. (I did go and tomorrow will review the movie.) I am looking forward to seeing how they adapt the book into a movie.
If you have read the book or seen the movie. Let me know what you thought of if.


bentobird said...

Hello Konnie,

I found reading Eat, Pray, Love a wonderful experience...and it helped me enter a more spritually aware and awake place as I followed Liz Gilbert's journey. Your post makes me want to read it again and see what happens this time!

Best wishes!

Renee said...

It was an interesting experience for me:

I thought I wanted to see the movie, but I'm kind of on the fence now. I'm not sure I'll like it or that it will have the same effect as the book. I look forward to your review!

Konnie said...

Renee, just read your review. When I read the book, liz "grated" on my nerves too. I describe this feeling again in the movie review. It's scheduled to post tomorrow.

Renee said...

It seems to be a common response. But I still got a lot out of the book. Maybe we just see the worst of ourselves in her.

Leanne said...

Konnie I put the book down at page 62.
I'm in the box of dislike.
Won't go & see the movie - will wait to see it on dvd.

All I could think being a mother is praying our son doesn't end up with a wife like that!

But she is a gifted writer & clever lady to approach her agent all while having a nervous breakdown to negotiate an advance on the book - then travel & write.

Love Leanne