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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tie-dye and Polka Dots!

"She's so unusual". No, I am not talking about Cyndi Lauper. My LL says these words to me on occasions. It's code for "Oh my, she is off her rocker and why did I marry her". I sure have been hearing him say this a little more often. I must admit to occasionally Kareokeing to "Girls just want to have fun". Frankly I think I channel Cyndi while singing and the neighborhood dogs don't howl too loud. OK they do, but still I sing. I have always been quirky, as my mom and siblings can testify, but since my cancer (my check up was good by the way) I have decided to embrace my eclectic personality. OK eccentric. In one way this comes out is my attire. I am not into fashion. I don't care what is in or what is out. I try not to look too dumpy when I go places, but that is the extent of my primping. My niece Kara always accessorises perfectly. Shoes go with clothes, purse goes with shoes. She loves me and rarely says anything. Once in a while when she is going with me she will ask if I am going to change clothes or am I going to where that? So keeping in mind that fashion is not my forte and I am a little weird, it shouldn't surprise you that I love Tie-Dye....................
And Polka Dots!!
I have started to wear aprons when working at home. It keeps my clothes clean and I need to wash my clothes less often. I only had one apron. It is black. I have been looking for aprons at thrift stores. No luck. But while shopping with Bailey at Ross Dress for Less, I found three aprons that were very inexpensive. And get this..............They have polka dots and tie-dye.
So now, while baking, cooking, doing dishes, gardening, taking care of chickens, cleaning.......I can wear my polka dots or tie-dye apron WITH my tie-dye crocks.

Also, next time I am wearing my tie-dye crocks and Kara asks if I am going out dressed like that. I will say "Oh Kara, you are right. I better put my polka-dot apron and hat on to go with MY Outfit:)" She'll just die.

While Bailey was going out the door to go to work, I had her take this picture. Her words to me as she was going out the door was. "God Mom, you are so weird". Well Yes! Yes I am:)

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Lynda said...

Oh Konnie, I love aprons, too. Whenever I have family (or other guests) over and they want to "help" in the kitchen, I offer an apron. They always decline... I don't get it. And the more retro the better... with pockets.