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Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy but Fun Weekend

Our weekend started out busy.  Saturday morning, LL and I decided to walk to our city park.  The Art Fair was going on and it is one of the best in the valley.  We then attended LL's 30th Class Reunion.  We had a great time.  He had a very small class so the turnout was great!  Sunday, my family got together because my nephew-Godson was here with his wife and daughters.  He just got back from serving in Iraq and now lives in North Carolina.  Saturday I was so happy that my "digestion" held out and we were able to do what we wanted.  Sunday I was not as lucky and we had to leave the Barbecue early.
Silverton Art Festival
This artist probably had my favorite paintings.  You can never have too much color for me.
Some day I will bite the bullet and buy a beautiful stain glass pane. 
LL's class reunion.  Gervais Union High School Class of 1980
Sacred Heart Catholic School.(grade school)  Class of 1976
Gervais Grade school grads of 1976
This is Tammy and I.  Neither one of us were in class of 1980.  She is married to Mark.  We have all been friends for years.
North Howell Grade School Grads 1976 plus me.  I went to grade school with both Marie and Sharanne.  So I had to get a picture of the three of us:)
I was so glad I was able to make it through all Saturday's activities but wasn't so lucky on Sunday
This is the only picture I took of our celebration of my nephew's return.  I think a bird should poop on Kris's tongue.

Had to leave but still had a good time:)

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momentsofwhimsy said...

I've never been to a school reunion, but I'd sure love to visit a craft fair like that :-)