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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crusty Mom

I have shared before about my Mother's pies.  They are soooo good.  What makes them delicious is her crust that always seems to turn out for her.  It shouldn't be so good.  She uses boiling water and a little milk.  I have watched her make it for years.  Never to attempt this weird recipe.  For one thing, she doesn't have a recipe.  She just throws it together with no exact measurement.  Well, yesterday morning I watched REALLY carefully and took notes.  I then went home, (had to buy lard on the way) and made two pies while it was all fresh in my mind.  LL says they both turned out great.  He is so kind.
This is the peach pie.  The pies are not as pretty as Mom's.
Had a lot more trouble with this apple pie.
 The crust would not roll out well and I didn't make enough filling to really fill the pie nice
My next attempt will be a lower sugar pie for LL.  It is amazing that I had so much trouble with the apple pie crust and it still tasted flaky and good.  This pie dough is really good.


Lisa said...

Hey Aunt Konnie, I was wondering if you ever tried using the splenda blends to lower the sugar? I use it quite often and can't tell the difference in taste at all!! Its half regular sugar, half splenda, and then you use half the amount that the recipe calls for. Anyway, you might already know about it, but I just thought I would share! :)

Konnie said...

Yes, that is what I use for your uncle in his Apple crisp and cobblers, I just have never used it in a pie yet. I wanted to make these pies this time EXACTLY how my mom does so I could compare, but will lower the sugar next time.