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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why oh Why

The whys in my life sometimes drive me nuts.  Like
Why do I have to have a clean kitchen before I can cook or bake, but am perfectly comfortable leaving it a mess when I am done?
Why when I am trying to eat healthy do I bake apple and peach pies and........
have to put bacon or ham in my fresh green beans?
Kinda defeats the purpose of eating the healthy green beans.
Why do I laugh at the absurdly funny things LL says one day.............then the next day he is irritating the heck out of me?
Why when May comes along, I can't wait to plant and water my spindly looking flowers and garden.....
But come August when garden is producing and flowers are at the prettiest
, while watering all I can think of is when the heck can I pull all these plants out and be done with it?
How can I get so angry at the Chicken Hawk as he eats my live chicken, snatches up my freshly baked Amish bread that took 10 days to make..........But still I find him the sweetest dog in the world?
Wait a minute........Notice he is licking his chops!  Better go check on the chickens.
Why, when the dogs have a big yard to go they insist on going right under my clothes line?
Notice the space between towels, yep, piles:(

I have so many why's in my life that I could make this a weekly post.  I know everyone has their own unique whys in their life.  Mine are just really bothering me today:(

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Anonymous said...

Oh I hear you on the healthy eating thing! Was going to start my diet - yet again - today, and instead baked a double batch of choc chip cookies, and a huge dinner.........


Cate :-)