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Friday, August 27, 2010

New Issue, New Plan

So let's get honest:( While reading my friends blog about her struggles with weight, I evaluated where I am at. At my lowest weight, about 114lb, during my recovery from all the surgeries and treatments, I looked like a cancer patient. Not my best look. At about 120 lbs I thought I would let myself weigh a nice 130lbs and be healthy. Well during my vacation and baking frenzie, I felt my abdomen get bigger and bigger. Because of my cancer, my onocologist has said having a little bit more weight on me is a good idea but he also said having extra weight in the abdomen region is not helpful when it comes to scans and feeling a possible tumor. I now weigh 129.5 and the weight gain has almost all went to my stomach. Curse the Staab woman side of my family. I did not inherit the nice wide hips and small waist of the Purdy side. No, I am build like a 15yr old boy who has had one too many beers. Anyway, I have been thinking I better keep better track of my food and exercise.

Problem is, I love baking. I have been making LL lower fat and sugar desserts, but I really enjoy making the tradition food my mother makes. IE. Pies and chocolate cake. So here's the plan........and I don't come out looking too good in this plan. I will continue baking, but after a serving for myself and kids, I will send the rest next door to my neighbor. He is a 60yr old bacholor, who likes my baking. He is healthy, thin and looks 10yrs younger than his age. Not for long:) Oh I know this isn't right, but I never said I was Mother Teresa did I?

Since I am short, I think losing 5 lbs or so should do it, and since I am up for exercising now, I am hoping this won't be too hard of a stuggle. I am going to keep track of things on my other blog, I renamed it KJ's Kitchen Counter so I don't bore everyone with my progress, or lack of progress on this blog. But I decided to blog about it on this post to keep me honest.

Wish me luck!

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Renee said...

Good luck, Konnie! And I like your plan. My extras go to my coworkers. :-)