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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Farmer I Am Not!

While picking peaches at Aunt Leone's last week, she mentioned having to treat her chickens for lice (or poultry mites).  I had noticed my chickens losing a few feathers so I took at look at her chickens which were pretty sad looking and thought mine were probably fine.  So fast forward to this morning.  I notices a sore on Hannah's back and thought "oh no".  So while Bailey and I were on our walk, we stopped by at Wilco.  I bought Poultry dust and went home.  Read the instructions, and if I had 100 chickens the directions might be helpful.  So I called my enabler Aunt Leone to find out what to do.

Bailey looks so excited to be helping her near invalid mother.
Well after chasing the chickens around in the large run, we ended up putting them in the small run.  And you guessed it, I, the invalid, (OK I am laying it on thick) had to climb in to catch the blasted girls.
So after what I can only describe as being on a wild goose, I mean chicken race,
 I finally caught them all, one by one.
Bailey dusted them and me down.  I can safely say if I had mites,
the pesticide coating my skin will now take care of it.
Here we are, all made up from me making her help me and her mistaking me for a chicken.
UNTIL.........She says "I am going to go shower" and I say "not until after I shower"
and we both went off running.
It looks like she is helping me in this picture, but we are wrestling each other, trying to keep the other from getting through to door.  She didn't out muscle me, nor did she out run me.  I actually got to the shower first, but by then I was so tuckered out that I could hardly stand up.  So she won.  Darn it!

Here are the ladies before the trauma


angela said...

That was so funny, kids dont you just love them. Now sorry to tell you this but if you had waited until nightfall the chooks would of gone back to roost and it would of been easy to just pick them up and give them a good dusting.

Konnie said...

Oh Angela, but wouldn't that have made a boring post............Just kidding, I will remember that for next time. Darn it if I don't always find the hardest way to do things.

momentsofwhimsy said...

Haha - I was going to say the same thing as Angela! I noticed one of our girls looking oddly listless a week ago, and contacted the breeder who said that we should dust them for mites. We waited till they were roosting then hubby grabbed them and turned them upside down while I dusted (much to their disgust!!)