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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why Do We Love What We Love

So I was thinking........(I know, a dangerous thing)  BC before cancer, I put a lot of thought into who I was.  I always wanted to know who I was and who God wanted me to be.  I still put much thought into this AC after cancer.  But I must say I put much less thought into who God wants me to be and put more effort in accepting who God made me to be.  I am very flawed and there is much room for improvement, but I believe or at least hope God likes who I have turned out to be.  So I spend much more time thinking about who I am and letting me be that person.  As you probably have figured out by now, I march to a different drummer.  I have spent time deciding how I like to dress, which horrifies some, what I like to do, which is curtailed quite a bit because of my "Involuntary Hermitage"  You know, cuz of my bathroom issues I usually refer to as "digestion".  But today, while doing chores and thinking far too much, I started considering the things I love.  Boy this takes my mind in all sorts of directions.  Some basic things like my love of an olive, grape and stinky cheese all built up onto a cracker.  Mmmmm delicious.  Or lobster, fondue and a good bottle oh I mean glass of wine:)  I love a slow walk on a wooded path or fishing.  I love baking.  Well I guess those are things I love to do which I already covered.  But it got me thinking about the bigger things or in most cases people and of course Beau.  When I think about this year and half of surgeries, radiation, surgeries, chemotherapy, surgeries and did I mention surgeries, I can't help thinking how happy I am that it was me with cancer and not someone I love.  I really believe it is easier to suffer the physical aspects of cancer than it is to watch someone you love go though it.  So here is the loves of my life.
Cole, aka LL, (THE Love of my Life)  After almost 26 yrs of marriage and 31 yrs since our first date, he still makes my heart go pitter patter when he says I am pretty.
I would love to be able to say I would die for any one of my fellow men, but to be honest, there is only three I can be sure to lay my life down for.  Even though I want to kill them half the time.  Yes, my three lovelies, Kane, Max and Bailey.
I love all my nieces, nephews and in laws but this blog post would make the bible look like a short read if I tried to name them all but here is my Mom and siblings.  My mom and I have a typical mother-daughter relationship.  What is interesting is that the things that use to drive me crazy about her are things I have come to admire.  Hear that Bailey!  You too might enjoy wearing polka dots and tie dye together......No?  OK

My sisters are my best friends, Kathy and Karen are my big sis's.  But I must admit Karen is literally half the woman she use to be and Kris and I are often finishing each others sentences.
My brother Dave always cracks me up and I must say he allows me to make fun of him and handles it with grace.
Doug and I have the love-hate relationship, meaning we hate to argue with each other but love to push the other's buttons.  Usually on politics.
So those are my day to day loves.  No love in this world compares to the love I feel for them all,  with maybe the exception of one.  Yes, My Elton......I am joking, well sort of.

He gets two pictures:)

Oh and I have a secret crush on Neil Young.....You know, Godfather of Grunge.  Yes that Neil Young.  Don't ask my why, I don't know why, I just do!  Maybe it's his politics, or the fact he has special needs kids and raises a lot of money for causes or maybe it is because he has great music.  Take your pick.  Or it might be the way he dresses, see Kara, I am not the only one with an "UNIQUE" sense of style:)
Neil gets his picture in twice because for the life of me, I can't figure how to get one of them off.

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angela said...

you have a wonderful family, you are very blessed. And they are blessed to have you.