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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why oh Why?......Again

Yes, I am in that mood again...........

Why, when I am going to Costco, do I think "I am just getting toilet paper and razors" and then spend $100 on things like a case of ketchup and chicken broth?  Seriously, I don't need 24 cans of broth at any one time.

Why, when I say the word "out" do Beau and Rufus race each other to the door with no room for me to open the door?  If they understand the word "out", can't they remember to leave room for me to get to the door knob?  So much for Beau being a genius.

Why, when I go garage sale-ing I see the same type of item at a half a dozen places, but when I need that item and think I will buy it used, will I not find it after looking at a dozen places on a Saturday.

Why, when I eat a pound of pasta, do I gain 5 lbs of fat?  This one really bothers me.

Why, when I am home all day, my "digestion" behaves, but when I am in Salem running errands, I have embarrassing accidents that require a diaper change in a public bathroom?  This one really, really bothers me.

Why do I enjoy writing this blog and reading othe'rs blogs, but detest reading e-mail?

Why, when someone says something that hurts my feelings, do I remember the incident word for word, but can't remember what I did yesterday?

Why does my cilantro go to seed just as my tomatoes begin to ripen?

Why, when I am acting like a mom, my daughter gets impatient and mad, but when I am at my weirdest, she looks at me with love and is so proud of me?

Just a few more of the many whys in my life.

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The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

All so true! About the pasta, we switched to have regular pasta half Ezekiel (sprouted grain) pasta and have noticed that now we (hubby and I) don't weigh more the next day!