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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shaving, For The Life of Me, I Don't Know Why!

Don't read this if you are easily offended.

When did it start?  Was Cleopatra the culprit?  Did the women in Jesus's time, wandering the streets of Jerusalem start it?  I have no clue.  But why do women shave their legs and other places?  I hate it.  This is one of those blog posts that if my cancer goes south, and Bailey gets control of this blog, well this post will be deleted in seconds:)  But this is my blog about living with intention and by golly, I am going to lay it all out and be honest.  Lets start from the bottom up, shall we?

Am I the only woman that has hair growing right above my toe nails.  Oh I shave them occasionally, but why is it there in the first place.  Reminds me of a cave man.

Around October, I start growing my winter coat.  I figure when I am done wearing shorts or shorter dresses, I am so done with shaving.  I have a couple nieces who have inherited this trait from me. (you know who you are)  both names start with K.  Anyway, when in society did we feel to be feminine or pretty, we have to shave our legs?  For some reason, come March (oh I also shave for Christmas, special occasion and all), I feel I have to get all gussied up and shave my legs.  I remember once I knew this gal in her twenties, that had never shaved.  I saw her in a bathing suit.  It wasn't pretty, but if all of us were as brave as her, it would be the norm.  My legs at the moment have about a week and a half growth on them.  Before the weekend, I will take care of this, but I can't wait for October to get here.

Bikini Line
Well I must say my bikini line goes from my knees up to my chin.  I guess you could include my chin:(  In the 70's, we had what I could call the natural look.  I don't think we had any complaints.  But somewhere in the 80's the bikini line started getting smaller.  The 90's bathing suits require the bikini line to go even smaller, and NOW, well I guess everyone is walking around like a prepubescent child.  About 3 years ago, I got a new electric razor.  While trying it out, I got a bit carried away.  Yep, you guessed it, bald as a baby's butt.  The next few weeks were miserable.  Scratchy, rash, and I had to get advice from a few friends I met through Weight Watcher on how to deal with this.  Now, because of my "digestions" and accidents, I keep this "just so" for easy clean up, but why if not necessary do woman do this to themselves.

When I was in my thirties, I start getting hair on my chin.  I am naturally a hairy girl but I didn't like it.  I plucked away keeping it at bay.  I also had a nice little short blond mustache that never hurt anyone.  When at work, playing on the playground with a very cute girl with Autism, (they have no filter) she asked why I was growing a mustache.  Must of been the light!  BTW I named one of my chickens after her and that particular chicken has given me nothing but grief i.e. egg bound and mites.  I should have known.  In my 40's my chin hair started getting away from me so I resorted to shaving my chin.  I kept this my little secret from  LL.  But one day, when with friends, someone started making fun of a mutual acquaintance, she wasn't present at the time, about her having facial hair she shaves.  Everyone started laughing but me.  My LL included.  So I decided not to avoid shaving in front of him.  I mean, is he going to leave me just because I can now get a job in a Circus.  I don't think so.

So I will continue all this shaving for societies sake.  But I sure wish being hairy would go in style.  I might actually be a trend setter then.

I have also heard of men who have been shaving their chest and sometimes legs.  (((DON'T DO IT)))  You have a pass.  Be hairy you men out there. 

Now, will I be brave enough to publish this post.  Here is goes.  Press Publish!


angela said...

How very brave of you. I am of ethnic background so my legs are very hairy. thank goddness that I dont have to shave my face yet, but I have a few friends that do. I have decided that should that day come I will be lasering it away as If I ever have to shave my face more than my husband then that is the day I just never go out again.
hairy women unite and stand proud.

Konnie said...

Thought about laser too, but was told since my hair is blond, it won't work. Maybe I need to research it further.

katie said...

You wait all the way to October? I start the "regional" shaving after Oktoberfest, still wearing capris means shaving only from the knees down. November brings boot season, only shaving the 2 inches above the knees. I'm on the fence about the armpit hair, last winter I didn't shave them and it actually was nice so I'm going to try it again after November and may not come back.

Konnie said...

yep, that would be one of the nieces. Now I just need to wait to hear from Kelli:)

Kelli said...

Im hair! dont think you could just pluck me out of this post. So it rained the other day so that is my excuse for starting my already inch long arm pit hair. Im thinking we (me, kt, and u) can weave our golden calf lock together and be professional three leg racers.. what should our team name be??

Renee said...

I started with the chin hair when I was in middle school. And it's not limited to my chin. Ugh. {{{{being Italian{{{{

I hate the time and effort of shaving, but I like having smooth legs. I once shaved that other part bald, too. I was visiting my then-boyfriend in Boston, where you walk EVERYWHERE. That was a mistake I won't make again! A little hair in that area is there for a reason.

Konnie said...

Kelli, wouldn't we have 4 legs then:)

Amen Renee, Miserable isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I am related to the 3 of you! I even gave birth to one of you... I will shave everyother day until I am in a care home.... I guess I will not be able to depend on any of you 3 for help then... Thank God for Kara.......(doubt if she will do anything but maybe she will complain enough to the caregivers to do something for me) Love u 3 Hairy girls anyway...Karen

Konnie said...

Karen, you couldn't pay me enough money to shave your legs or anywhere else for you. And I will not abuse the caregivers at the home by making them do it. Some things are just wrong. Well except facial hair. Got to keep our pride you know.