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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Easy as Pie

Well not exactly easy, but I am getting better at making my mom's apple pie.  As usual, nothing goes as planned with me.  Got the apples prepared and went to put sugar and cinnamon in it, and couldn't find the cinnamon.  I looked everywhere.  (at least I thought I looked everywhere).  Luckily I had cinnamon sticks so I grated it and a baking I a went.  
As you can see, I put pretty flowers on it.  You might think I am creative, but I was trying to cover a couple breaks in the crust.  So when it was done, and ready to take out of oven, I opened the drawer and got out my pot holders, and there underneath them was my cinnamon.  But it got made all the same and we will have it in the RV for the next day or two.  Yum!  at least I hope.  BTW, couldn't find mom's recipe either and did it from memory, and of course, just looked in the cupboard and there sits the recipe card.  Darn this brain of mine.

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Leanne said...

Autumn must of hit at your place - nothing like an apple pie!

Good on you!