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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gus and Bud

On our Eastern Oregon RV trip, Kris and I noticed the driver, Gus and his copilot Bud, never had a quiet moment.  What do they have to talk about for miles and miles?  On the surface they are nothing alike.  They can't look more different.  Their hobbies and interests do not intersect.  Steve(Bud) loves sports.  Any sports. ESPN is his channel of choice.  Cole(Gus) aka LL, loves music.  His spare time almost always involves playing, writing, listening to music.  But even though they are different from night and day, they are the best of friends and have things in common.   

They both love our mom and take good care of her.  See here she is bossing them around in her yard.

They both go to all our family get-togethers, but are probably making fun of us and commiserating on their unfortunate choice of marrying two loud obnoxious sisters.

They tend to vacation together alot.

Their sense of humor is different.  Cole, my LL, is a clown.  Always quick with a witty comeback.  Steve sits quietly and then zing, he has the perfect zinger.

The thing they have most in common is their feelings for their wives.  Oh they love us.  We know it.  But for two very different men, it is amazing how when Kris and I are talking, laughing, joking, making fun of them, high fiveing our BRILLIANT whit,  they both get a glazed look in their eyes, look at each other and just shake their heads.  When we are at are "best" with our delightful humor, bossing them around, they have each other to feel sorry for.............Bless their hearts.

This is a bumper sticker that Kris and I saw on our trip.

If a man is talking in the woods, and there is no woman to hear he still wrong?

That just cracks me up!

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