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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baker City Historical Museum and The Rest

On Saturday, we started our day at the Baker City Historical Museum.
Kris showing off the beautiful Chinese garments.

Mom looking at this old car.  Not sure the make or year but I bet Mom remembers.
LL just told me, 1927 Whippit.

Mom telling LL her memories of this type of soap cauldron 

After leaving Baker City, we went to Sumpter and rode the only steam engine train in Oregon.

On our way through this canyon, we stopped to stretch our legs.  I still do not know what LL was doing here, but it made me laugh.

And here is another mystery.  What was Kris doing here?  I think she and LL went to the same clown school.

Bud, Mertie, and Gus.  LL did all the driving and setup and breakdown of RV hookups.  Steve was the copilot and did most of the cooking on the trip.  The steaks were delicious.

Our last night, we camped outside of Prineville.  It was a wonderful trip.  Lots of relaxing, lots of eating, lots of wine, lots of laughs.  I think Mom had a good time but was very tired when we got home Monday afternoon.  For 80 yrs old, she did great keeping up with us and making memories.

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