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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baker City Oregon Trail Interpretive Museum

This is a trip that a lot could go wrong.  The weather, RV breakdown, sickness, etc.  None of that happened.  Mom's birthday trip to Eastern Oregon turned out great.  We got on the road Thursday afternoon around 3:30.  Stopped in Biggs for fuel and made sandwiches.  Arrived at Wild Horse Casino, just outside of Pendleton around 9:00pm.  We piled out and Mom was at a machine in no time.  She is the only one that had any luck but it was fun all the same.  We stayed in the RV at the casino parking lot, got up and had a nice breakfast there.  Got on the road around 11:00 and arrived at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Museum around 1:00.
Mom and Steve

Mom and I outside the Museum.  The scenery was gorgeous and so was the weather

Mom and Kris before we went into the museum

The museum was interesting, but I really like museums with more actual artifacts but knew that the museum we were going to the next day would have the actual items used.

LL and I standing right on the Oregon Trail.  For some reason this was exciting for me.  I just love being surrounded by history.

Our RV park was great.  It had its own general store.  A pool, and hot tub.  We did use the hot tub and would definitely stay here again.

Of course we had to get a picture of Gertie and Bertie with our I love Lucy wine glasses and we gave Mom her own RV wine glass for her birthday.  She also needed an RV name.  So.............Meet Mertie.


Anonymous said...

SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!! you know who

momentsofwhimsy said...

What a lovely time for you all. And - sorry if I offend anyone here - but your mum does have the look of a cheeky "Golden Girl" about her lol!