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Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Fills My Soul

My earliest memories always include music.  Camping with mom, dad, and grandparents, at night in Grandpa's trailer, my dad playing the harmonica and us singing and enjoying the moment.  Church at St. Mary's, going to folk mass and feeling uplifted with the sounds of guitars.  Mom taking us to the local nursing home to "entertain" the elderly, Karen on the accordion, David on the guitar, Kris on the piano, and me on the bongos.  Yes bongos!  I wasn't more than 4 or 5 at the time.  Doug, well I don't remember what he did, and he is the only one that did not take music lessons.  I still feel sorry for him for that:(  My first song on the piano I did by ear.  Winchester Cathedral.  On the piano, I could play easily very young but never practised, so I was never very good at sight reading the bass clef.  It was about in the 5th grade I found my talent in the instrument the clarinet.  It was easy for me, and I loved practising it.  I won awards in high school and could easily of gone to college in music with scholarships.  But that is not what I chose unfortunately. 

The music we listened to as kids were a wide range.  From Marty Robbins and Connie Francis, Beatles and the Stones, and of course for me in particular, Elton John.  I had a red and white turn table in my bedroom that I would play 45's of Elton, America, Abba, and whoever else caught my interest.  Those small records were about the only thing I can remember my mom "treating" me to growing up.  She chose to buy those instead of the latest toy or shirt.  She made a good choice.  I would not have memories of those things like I do of me listening to those records over and over again.  (sorry Kris)  We shared a room.

LL's brother Tony and my brother David were good friends in high school, but LL and I met each other in grade school at a band trip.  He thought I was "stuck up" and I thought he was the irritating brother of Tony.  But still it was fitting that our first memory of each other involved music.  He loves it as much as I do.  I don't play instruments much anymore, although the clarinet is the one instrument I am sure I could pick up and do an adequate job with.  LL plays most everyday.  He plays guitar and drums and loves learning a new song or even writing a new song.  He writes very good.

My children all love music.  Bailey has a lot of natural talent but like her mom, does not like to practice.  Kane is a fabulous drummer and plays guitar.  He probably could make a living playing the drums if he chose to move to Los Angeles or San Francisco.  He does play most weekends in a band locally.  Max is always listening to music and according to his siblings, probably has the best taste and knows good stuff vs. poor music.  I love that LL and I passed our love for music on to our children.

If God made me choose from all the things I love, (besides my loved ones).  I would miss the TV, maybe.  I would miss good food, fine wine.  Definitely.  I really would miss reading good books, I love reading.  But I would choose to have my music.  I could live without most anything but music.  Nothing, with the exception of maybe smells, take me back to a memory like music.  I can hear a song, and I am instantly back to that time, 13 yrs old, red and white turntable turning, and using my deodorant as a mike, singing Waterloo at the top of my lungs.  Hand motions and all.  Love it!

So for some of you, my music I play on my blog might be a bit irritating.  For me it is an important part of who I am.

Music Fills My Soul!!

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Kuusou said...

Music is fun! Our family really enjoys all types of music and we sing everyday. Both daughters play the piano and hubby plays the guitar. I don't play an instrument but I do sing!