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Sunday, September 26, 2010

F@#$ is Just a Word?

It is not a secret in my family.  I hate the F word.  Oh I am not an angel.  I am not above saying a curse word in frustration.  I try never taking the Lords name in vain.  Curse words don't come stumbling out of my mouth for no reason.  But even if they did, the F word would not be one of them.

Why has it become such an accepted word with the younger generation.  Oh people said it when I was young, but mostly men and usually with an apology to the women in hearing distance.  Now, I hear it out of more females mouths then men.  For no reason.  It is just a word to the them.  Like Nuts!  or   Darn!  or  as a describing word, like  really.  Instead of saying,  "I really like tofu",  they will say "I like tofu".  Is it just a habit for them now?  Like my generation saying "Neat!"  Do they think they look cool?

What really irritates me is when men or women say it in front of someone like my mom.  If one of my brothers said that word in front of her or me and my sisters,...........well, they wouldn't of had much to say for a long time after that, my dad would have made sure of that.  For a while, I thought men were just not raised to be gentlemen anymore.  But I know I raised my sons to be gentlemen, and one of them uses the word, just not in front of me.  But I hear it everywhere now.  Call me old fashion, but it is particularly distasteful coming out of a females mouth.  It makes them seem unfeminine and trashy.  I am all for equal rights girls, but do we have to imitate the most lousy traits of men.  I mean, are you going to start spitting and scratching your groin area soon?  I thought woman were smarter and above such behavior.  I guess I was wrong.  But let me just say, it doesn't make you look cool, for men or women.  It just makes you disrespectful.