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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mothers Comfort

I am writing this a few days before it will publish on this blog.  It is Monday.  Max has been in bed at my house all day.  I let his staff off because he is sick and needs his mom.  Maybe his mom needs to be with him when he is sick..........I don't know.  But this got me thinking.

I am sitting here getting sicker as the day goes on.  Just a cold, but it's hit hard and fast.  My mom stopped by for a minute to drop something off and I really just wanted her to sit and keep me company. (like she has nothing better to do).  For years when she had her knees replaced, and when she had her heart valve replacement, I took care of her.  Along with my siblings.  When I was recovering from surgeries and chemo/radiation last year, my husband took such good care of me.  Bailey was unbelievable at 16 or 17 yrs old helping me shower, clean myself, and things you can only imagine.  My sisters, brothers, sons, all took turns on my hard days making sure I ate, drank and took my medicine.  But there were days that my mom would come and spend the day or even just pop in to check on me.  It was always comforting having her there, even if I was asleep, just sitting, folding clothes, making me soup.  Mother's soup is always the best.  I don't know if a person ever outgrows preferring a mothers comfort. 

I am glad she didn't stay to keep me company today.  The cold is getting much worse and I don't want her catching it.  But as I am gladly available for Max today, I am very glad to still have my mom around when needed.  Me at 47 and her at 80.  Am I the only one or do others find best comfort from their moms?  Just wondering.

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