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Friday, September 24, 2010

Mom, Would You Like to Dance?

Max and his Godmom, Karen
I know these pictures are really blurry, but since LL doesn't drink, it really is my camera. 

Well it all started when Max wanted to see what the beer garten was like.  Since it was not crowded, LL and I decided to take him.  We just get seated at a table and settled, when Max reached his hand out to me and asked, "Mom, would you like to dance?"  WOULD I!!!!

I don't remember Max ever dancing with me.  So out on the dance floor we went.
He even spinned me around a couple times.
And eventually Max really kicked his heals up.  I think he was channelling my dad, his Grandpa Artie.

That 5 minutes was the best time of the whole weekend.

BTW,  Happy Birthday Mom!

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