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Thursday, September 23, 2010

And The Rest of us

It was unexpected, but we ran into LL's brother David and his wife Jalen.
Kara and Karen.  I don't think the sunglasses were German, but Kara looked like a cute German girl all the same.
And here is my German girl Bailey.
Bailey and Rett. 

Kara, Kelli and Bailey.  They are just the cutest.  OK, I might be biased but come on!  They are Cute!
Ok, maybe we're not so cute.  You might think from the blurriness of the picture, we had too much to drink, but I think it was the photographer who had a little to many.  But since I don't remember who that was, I might have to change my story.
Blurry Kris with Mary, her niece.  Really need to get a better camera.
Tomorrow I have a couple of pictures of the best moment of the weekend, and yes they are blurry.  But since it is of Max and me dancing, I am posting them anyway.

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