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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cousins

On Thursday, besides the aunts and uncles getting together, the Wolf's clan were there.  This is Aunt Elaine's kids.  There is Valerie, her daughter Brenda, Dave, Bert, Kevin, me, and Diane.  It's good for them to keep their mom's spirit alive, although I didn't see any of them polkaing.

Same group with Doug and Rhett added.  Oh and my two goofy sis's Karen and Kris.
Kevin and BertUsually Julie and I have a good time catching up, but I finally saw right before I needed to leave. "Digestion"The Aunt's with my cousin Maureen.  Didn't get a chance to visit with her either:(
On Saturday, we ran into another set of cousins from the Staab side.  Sitting next to me is my cousin Molly and by her her friend,  at the end is her daughter Holly.  Kim is next to Kris and next to him is his friend.

I really need to just sit and chat with my cousin Molly.  She lost her husband Curt a few years ago from the same kind of Cancer I have.  Sounds like he had a lot of the same "digestion" issues I had.  It is a sad loss and I am curious how he handed life so impacted. 

Well, more for tomorrow.

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