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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Aunts and Uncle

My mom and aunts.  Agnes, Mom(Evelyn), Laura, and Leone aka enabler.
It has become a tradition on Thursday, my mom and her siblings get together and walk around, eat, then meet up at the wine garten.  This year there is one more missing.  Last winter we lost Aunt Elaine.  She was the polka girl.  It was a lot of years past the time her and her beloved Val would come and dance, dance, dance.  But even up till last year, she would come and tap her feet and enjoy herself.  I think this year was particularly hard on Mom.  She just kept saying "there is one of us missing":(This is also a sibling, the baby of the family,  Look she still has to be at a separate (Kids Table)  I feel your pain Linda.  I am the youngest also.  Just kidding.  She was sitting there Hungry and couldn't get anyone to commit when they would be eating.  I feel your pain there too.

Oh look!  Johnny come lately, Uncle Leo joined the group.  I guess he was there earlier,  I just didn't see him.
This was about the time I wanted to buy them all a drink.  It was like herding cats.  I finally went and asked the bartender who I sorta knew to get Uncle Leo's beer order.  Talk about high maintenance:)
And here is the motley crew.  It was good to sit and visit and mostly laugh with them all.  Time is precious and I don't want to miss anytime I can have with my extended family.  Hopefully Aunt Elaine was looking down, smiling and perhaps polkaing with Val, and my dad trying to cut in:)

BTW, today is my dad's birthday.  I would love to post just about him, but I still miss him too much and don't want to be mush for the next few days.  So I will just say, Happy Birthday Dad, and Elaine, let Dad cut it just this one time:)


Anonymous said...

Love You! You're a little sh**, you made me cry.... Yes it was a great day one to put in our memory books.... Karen

Anonymous said...

Was so pleased to hear this was updated, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the pics and the story's it brings you all so much closer. You out did yourself with this one!


Konnie said...

Good to hear from you Harry! I will email you.