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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Dancers

This year was the 45th Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel.  I am 47, so I don't remember ever missing the celebration.  In 1985, I was living in Seattle, pregnant with Kane.  I had complications and was not suppose to travel.  Didn't plan on it.  But my nephew Brendon, was burned and life flighted to Portland on Sept. 13, a Friday.  Yes Friday the 13th.  When we got the call that he was burned and was in bad shape, well I had to come.  He was only 4 yrs old and LL decided it was more stressful on me being far away.  So he made a bed in the back seat for me, and at midnight, started traveling to Oregon.  Brendon is now a husband and dad, and when wearing long pants, you would never know the Hell he went through.  So I was home in Oregon for 2 or three weeks and did attend the 1985 Oktoberfest.  So I don't think I missed a single one.This is the Monument.  It is totally made up of harvest food.  Corn, hops, squash, seeds, etc.  It amazes me how an artist can make such beautiful pictures from seeds.
This is the start of the community dance to do,ree, me.  I couldn't get a good picture of this, but it is fun to watch.
The local children doing the may pole.  My nieces use to take part in this, but they are now grown up.  I did recognise some of the girls.They end the dance with the chicken dance.  I do not know who this young man is, but he was so happy, and fun to watch.  By the end of the chicken dance, he had it down.


katie said...

You left out the best dancing that I was lucky enough to get to watch... Made me cry it was so beautiful!

Konnie said...

That's coming later Katie.