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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Did What I Wanted To Do!

I was able to run my errands.  Grocery store, bank, drug store, and then go to Mt. Angel.  My brother David walked the Abbey Hill with me.  My niece came and visited and then we were joined by her mom Jalen.  It was a fun visit.  My "digestion" started acting up half way through our visit, but wasn't too bad.  LL and I did end up eating at Mac's Place.  It is a small town bar with food and on weekends, great live music.  I am a big fan of Northern Exposure.  It is actually my favorite TV show ever.  So if you know the show, Mac's place is a lot like the Brick.  A lot of locals, tourist stop in.  They are open for breakfast lunch and dinner and always can find  someone interesting to watch. 

So a good celebration day for me.

Tomorrow, I need to start getting Marlin (RV) ready for the weekend.

Hopefully get a post for you in the morning.  Max is being creative again:)

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