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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Wings of Different Colors

                              Max is wanting to make a music film short so he is working on costumes for it.  I don't know exactly where he is going with this.

He made these wings but each side is very different.

It might be because he ran out of one type of feathers, or  it might be his vision.  He doesn't like to talk about it while he is creating.  Such the Artist's temperament.

I will let you know what this character is like when he is finished.  One guarantee..........It will be interesting.
I am hoping Max stays on this kick for a while.  It seems very productive and fun.  But I am sure he will soon be on to something new along with a new character and costume. 

We have had a couple challenging days.  But hopefully if Max keeps using his mind and skills, we can get over this bump and be back to our normal.

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