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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Gift For Marlin

I know, today is Thursday,  It is the day I am suppose to post about a Silverton Mural.  When researching about Homer Davenport, or our local Astronaut, well for some reason right now, my brain is not processing well enough to put things in my own words.  So instead, and a little late this morning I might add, I want to tell you about what LL and I gave each other for our anniversary.  We went to an RV show a few weeks back.  Sure was hard to come home and look at Marlin after that.  But the one idea we came away with, was to buy a small flat screen t.v. to mount on the wall of Marlin.

We found this on sale at Best Buy and because the box was damaged. Got even a better deal.  So for $114 we put a t.v. in Marlin

LL strung the cable so that the hook up will be convenient when we park.

So I am working at getting Marlin ready to take off as early as LL can get home tomorrow afternoon.

We are taking Max.  And not planning on Antiquing or going out to eat (which is what Max likes to do)  So the t.v. will come in handy if the weather doesn't allow Max to be on the beach as much as he would like to.  It also means that the t.v. will most likely be playing cartoons AND horror movies.  Max has a lot of contradictions.  And for anyone that knows him, you know he is high maintenance so the t.v. will be a blessing.

Later this afternoon, my mom is coming over to make her pie dough so I can make Jam Tarts that wont break.  Definitely going to take more notes.  When I make her crust, it tastes the same, but I am not able to roll it out nice like her.  She is also staying for dinner because her house will be getting cleaned about that time.

I don't have posts ready for the weekend because we will be staying at a park that has wi-fi and I am hoping to figure out how to post remotely.  Probably will still post one from home tomorrow though.  So if the weather is bad, I might be posting on line more than you ever wanted to see:)  Have a blessed day.

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