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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Karen Annie

So, what am I up to tomorrow.  I am at the hospital about noon time.  My sis, Karen is having surgery.  It is a touch up, follow-up after her reconstruction because of her weight loss.

Two years ago, I along with my other sis, Kris, took Karen to Spain to have a bariatric surgery.  The doctor in Spain invented this procedure that had much more success than what was happening in the US.

This is Karen, right before surgery.

This is Karen after two years and one cosmetic surgery to take care of her abdomen region.

The plastic surgeon was not happy with how her upper abdomen turned out so she, tomorrow, is having some work done.  I am hopefully, if  "digestion" allows, going to be there while she is in surgery.  She will be in surgery around 12:30 pacific standard time, so pray for her and her recovery. 

She looks great doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

She looks amazing! Hoping all goes well x

Renee said...

Wow! What a difference. I didn't know that was why you went to Spain. I thought it was just a fun trip.

Konnie said...

Well it was fun but with a purpose.