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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So....When Were You Going To Tell Me?

So when were you going to tell me?  First thing out of my son Kane's mouth when LL and I got home the other night.  Auntie Caroline died a couple weeks ago.  We have not had close contact with her and her family, but must say she did have some kind of connection with Kane as he was growing up. 

When Kane asked us this, I am sure LL and I looked like two deers stunned from head lights.  I thought he had told Kane.  He thought the same about me.  As far as we know they did not have any service for her.  Maybe I am wrong but from my contacts, I heard nothing.  But I still feel bad for Kane.

When you have a grown child living away from home, in this day of instant communication, he should have at least got a call, text, or something.  I am really sorry.  It really comes down to a miscommunication between LL and I.  We thought the other gave him the news.  Need to just assign Bailey with being the communicator.  She doesn't forget a thing.  So Kane, if you are reading this, and I know you are not.  But I will tell you in person soon.  I am sorry.  My bad.  You deserve better and I love you.

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