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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting Out and About

You might have noticed my tone in recent posts.  Being an involuntary hermit has been getting me down a bit.  Even though my "digestion" has been bad and have had accidents recently.  I took a chance this morning and went to Costco with my mom and sister.  I was fine and was able to go all morning with them.  Was a bit hungry because I didn't eat, but was worth the trade off.

It is amazing how doing something as simple as errands in Salem can brighten my day.  I am a bit nervous about this winter.  I tend to have a little seasonal depression anyway.  But add cabin fever to that, well I just am not sure how I will manage.  Before things get bad, I need to think of ways to get out of the house, without risking too many accidents and issues.  I really don't want to fast too often, just for appointments and occasions.  It isn't healthy for me and I definitely have low blood sugar issues.   Prayer is my best bet right now.  I feel it might be the only solution.  I don't want to end up curled up in bed in the middle of the day with depression.

So if you are so inclined, keep me in your prayers, or at least send good thoughts.  I do feel so much better today after getting out.  I want to keep it going and keep cabin fever at bay.

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momentsofwhimsy said...

Praying for you Konnie x