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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Many years ago, when going out with LL, we would find ourselves only talking about the kids.  When we tried to keep our discussions not about the kids.  We found we had little to say.

As our kids got older, only a couple years ago, when having dinner alone together, we would still find our life and subjects surrounded by our children and their lives.

A few years ago, when Kane first moved out, I  think I cried for 2 weeks.  It was hard letting my first child live independently, not wanting the era of raising kids to end.

I am not sure if this all changed because of my illness, my children showed great maturing and responsibility when taking care of me and the household.  Or maybe time just changed things. 

Although we will never be totally done as parents because we will always look after Max's well-being, LL and I are enjoying our new bit of freedom just being a couple.

We went to dinner last night for our anniversary.  We have always enjoyed being together, but I find it interesting that we spent the evening talking about ourselves, each other, and the world.  Without the evening focused on what our children are doing.

We still adore our kids as much as ever, but find ourselves sliding into the empty nester status with little sorrow. 

Life is slow enough for us to remember what we love about each other.  And are enjoying the increasing couple time.  So Changes can be good.

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