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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here She Goes Again

I guess it is hard for people to understand.  When I mention I am having issues with my "digestion".  Usually the other person asks "what did you eat".  Understandably, people think my issues are like having diarrhea.  It is not.  Oh maybe dairy will give me this reaction.  But it really is not the problem. 

Yesterday, I had toast early for breakfast, then a little lunch.  My brother was coming to town, so I rode with him to mom's.  Bailey was to pick me up after work.  Then it hit.  I spent the whole time at my mom's, running to the bathroom.  Later, LL picked me up because when bailey was coming through, I still had issues.  Got home, layed, laid? in bed, and still by 7:00, having problems along with one very bad accident.  You might think it sounds like diarrhea, it is not. 

The issue is that I no longer have a rectum.  The rectum is where you store waste till a convenient time to go to the bathroom.  I have no storage and little feeling to let me know when things are on its way.  So if I have a normal day of three meals like yesterday,............well, I pay for it.

Again, the doctors hope it will improve in the next year or so.  After that, I can consider putting a ostomy back in.  I try not to be impatient when someone thinks I might have ate something wrong, or compare their irritable bowel with what I have.  It is understandable.  How many people do you know missing their rectum?  Not many I am sure. 

So today, again, I am going to try to not eat.  I want to go out with LL tonight for our anniversary.  But I know it is a Crap Shoot!  Pun intended.

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Cottage Tails said...

Hope you are ok for tonight


Love Leanne